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Plant Accession

The Lake Wilderness Arboretum is home to over 1000 different plant species. One of the charters of the Lake Wilderness Arboretum Foundation (LWAF) is to keep track of all of these plants. This means that the Foundation "accessions" them. That is, the Foundation enters each plant name together with its location and other pertinent data into a master list of plants called the "accession database." Unfortunately, sometimes plants come into the Arboretum faster than they can be accessioned; so even though there are a lot of plants in the database, there are a lot more in the Arboretum itself.

Accordingly, what you see in these plant lists represents only a portion of the plants on Arboretum grounds. Nevertheless, the Foundation believes that making accession data available to you is beneficial and can give you a good idea of what kinds of plants are in the Arboretum. You may also find a specific plant that is of particular interest to you.

Email LWAF docents at if you have any specific questions regarding Arboretum plants. They will be glad to help you. They also lead tours that can provide more information about Arboretum grounds and plants.

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